Hi! My name is Tiana and I love to create art.

I’m currently studying Architecture in university, and my passion is creating meaningful pieces of artwork that can be shared with and enjoyed by others.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was small, and I'm grateful I've had the privilege of being able to explore this medium. The photographs I have up are from years of travel, both around the world and in my own neighbourhood. ‍

I started painting shirts in summer 2019, and it has become a really cool way for me to share my art with people. The clothing I use comes from ethical sources: either from local thrift stores or from an ethical, environmentally-conscious Canadian company: Jerico. Thi‍s practice has branched out into sewing masks, hats, and clothing, and I'm excited to continue to develop my skills.

I’m conscious of those who have a tighter budget, but would still love to appreciate a piece of art. The prices I set are the bare minimum that the product has cost me to make, as well as my time. ‍

If you would like to own any of my pieces, or commission a custom piece, you can head over to Etsy, my Redbubble, or my Instagram. You can also email me at contact@artsbytiti.ca.

Hope your day is full of joy and life!